BOTOX® Cosmetic From Med-Cure


The Problems with Aging, that can be solved with BOTOX ® Cosmetic:

  • The lines that appear between your brows (frown lines)
  • Worry lines of forehead
  • Sagging eye brow
  • Crows feet (smile lines)

BOTOX® Cosmetic sometimes called “a facelift in a bottle” is a purified protein. When small doses are injected directly into the muscles, impulses, from the nerves to the injected muscle causing the wrinkles are blocked – allowing them to relax. This relaxing of the muscle allows the skin to smooth out persistent lines that which developed over time.

BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments usually last about 10-15 minutes and keep the muscles that cause lines relaxed for up to 4 – 6 months.
Results are dramatic and apparent within days and unlike surgery it is fast, simple and minimally invasive. Results are dramatic and apparent within days and unlike surgery it is fast, simple and minimally invasive.

BOTOX ® Injections

Injections with BOTOX ® interrupt the signal from the nerve to the sweat gland to reduce the sweating in the area that is affected. The injection is done with a very fine needle and, for treatment of the underarms, face and head, anesthesia is often not required as the procedure is virtually painless. For treatment of the hands and feet, local anesthesia is used to avoid injection discomfort.

The percent reduction in sweating in clinical study was 83% in 95% of participants. The effect of treatment can be immediate or take up to a week, with the average duration of effect after a single treatment being 7 month.

After a complete consultation with Dr. Keshwani or a highly trained nursing technician, Botox is injected using a very tiny micro-needle. Small amounts of Botox are injected into several areas on your face.

The pain associated with Botox injections is comparable to that of a bug bite. No anesthetic is required and you can resume your normal activities immediately.

Botox Usage for Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis is a disorder that that defines individuals who sweat more than the body would normally need to maintain optimal temperature.

What Causes Hyperhidrosis?

There are two types of hyperhidrosis.

Focal Hyperhidrosis is localized to one or more of the following areas:

  • Underarms
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Face

Generalized Hyperhidrosis  - Also known as a secondary hyperhidrosis is actually caused by another underlying condition (e.g. endocrine disorders, menopause, obesity, nerve damage, and rarely, some types of “drugs”.