i-lipo Revolutionizes Body Contouring 

If you’ve ever considered liposuction, you know the process can be painful and can have a long recovery time, not to mention being expensive. For those who cannot afford the expense or cannot take time off from their normal activities to recover from a liposuction surgery, there is a brand new non-invasive option called i-lipo. This revolutionary procedure gives you immediate near-surgical results in just eight treatments and has zero recovery time.

 What It Does

Your body naturally stores excess calories as fat in adipose cells. When you burn energy, your brain tells those cells to release the stored calories in order to replace what was used. i-lipo uses low-level lasers to stimulate these cells into releasing their contents without the need for exercise or strenuous activity. The body metabolizes the released calories naturally, clearing the stored fat from your cells.


How It Works

The i-lipo system consists of four pads which host 36 lasers apiece. Only one part of the body can be treated per session. The practitioner positions the pads against the patient’s problem areas, and the low-level laser light stimulates photobiomodulation, which is the process of releasing fat stored in the andipose cells. Over the course of treatment, stored fat is noticeably reduced, leaving you with firmer, more pleasing body lines. A total of 8 treatments are recommended, 2 per week for 4 weeks.


Expected Results

The results are immediate, with patients seeing up to 30% reduction in the sub dermal fat layer after just one treatment. Rather than reducing the overall level of body fat the way exercise does, i-lipo targets specific problem areas such as love handles, abdomen, thighs, and upper arms and allows them to be reshaped. I-lipo can be used to smooth cellulite, reshape stubborn areas such as love handles, and generally reshapes treated areas for a much healthier appearance. Patients can expect to lose up to 2 dress sizes during the course of treatment, and the results can be maintained with light exercise and a healthy diet. Light exercise is recommended immediately after treatment to make sure the released calories are burned off as energy instead of being stored once again.